On Site Services

Working remotely has its benefits. It is wonderful to work wherever and whenever we can. Unfortunately it does not match the knowledge transfer in face to face interactions. People can communicate more effectively, ask questions, and build lasting rapport. I've had great success working with clients in person. Sometimes you just can't beat working in the same room with another person. Here are some things that simply work better in person:

I will come to your office and work one on one or with your team for at least one entire work day. During the time I'm on site we will work together to accomplish business goals, be it raise developer knowledge or pair on new features, I'm confident we will reach our goal.

You agree to cover the flight and accommodations. I agree to bring my breadth knowledge to bear on your business. I'm living in Europe. You're company is located anywhere. On site services start at $2000. Email me and let's figure out a way to improve your business.