Conference Talks for 2014

Hopefully you'll find me on the road this year talk about these two things.

Application Architecture: Boundaries, Object Roles, & Patterns

This talk is about something important in the community. The ruby community is missing something fundamentally important. We don't know how to architect applications. We've grown accustomed to using frameworks for everything and we've lost our way. We no longer talk about making applications, we speak about applications built in frameworks. Example: oh hey man, did you hear NewApp123 is built in rails? I take offense to that. The application is not built in rails, it's built in ruby than rails is used to put it online. This mentality is prevalent in the community. It's damaging and encourages technical debt.

My talk is about providing a new architecture based on solid OOP principles such as the boundary between objects, SRP, proper logic less views, application patterns, and good testing principles. All of this in name of changing the way we write and maintain applications.

The talk follows this format:

Application Performance & Black Magic

Why are applications slow? Well probably because you don’t have the visibility to tell you that it’s slow. Then when you find out that it is slow, how do you fix it? These are important questions. Unfortunately the answer usually seems like black magic. The first half the talk is about visibility. It highlights tools such as statsd, ruby-prof, benchmark, and rack-mini-prof to bring visibility into all parts of the stack. The second part is how out act on metrics and improve the performance of ruby code as well as external services (such as HTTP and databases). The audience should have all they need at the end of the talk to use the scientific method to improve their applications performance.