Introducing Chassis

Posted on February 11, 2014 - Subscribe - Home

The last posts on my blog have been about what I consider good design. I arrived there after months of work in multiple projects. I think they work. I've been collecting and standardizing the code in a new project. This project is called chassis. Chassis is not a framework by any means. It is simply a collection of modules, classes, and enhancements you can use to build applications.

Chassis contains everything you need to build a loosely coupled application. It's built using specifically chosen gems. All gems have been evaluated on their code and extendability. There are no gems with C-extensions. All the code is implementation agnostic. Each gem has minimal or no dependencies, if a gem has dependencies, they are undergo the same scrunity.

Chassis builds an ideal stack for building web applications. You shouldn't really need any other gems to construct an application.

Chassis builds on the following products:

The project also contains multiple utitlity classes and other refinements to the standard library. I suggest you check it out.

I haven't released an official version because it's still changing rapidly. I plan to release a version 0.1.0 in the coming months. Chassis will be featured in my screencast on application architecture.

— Adam Hawkins