After Ruby Sauna

Posted on November 02, 2013 - Subscribe - Home

I just got back from the ruby sauna. It was an awesome local event in Oulu, Finland. The event was geared at getting more people in the area interested in Ruby. The area used to be heavily Nokia biased and contains plenty of talented developers. Florian Plank invited me speak. I gave a soft talk on the ruby ecosystem. It was the most fun I had a ruby event in a long time. It was wonderful to give a soft talk on the ruby community and the people.

Ville Kolehmainen wrote a nice tweet:

The "co" in ecosystem might as well stand for community. Refreshing to hear a talk on technology so people-centric by @adman65 #rubysauna

That tweet lifted my spirits and put a smile on my face. Apparently it put a smile on his too. Ville tweeted later:

@AnnikaJuvani from #railsgirlsoulu is up. Listening to her, @adman65, @avdi and @rubysauna peeps somehow makes me really happy. Thanks!

The last part was even better. I spent three hours in a wonderful finnish sauna chatting it up people I'd met. We even got to glimpse the northern lights which apparently is quite rare in Oulu.

There was something special about the event. It was so cool to connect with a small local group of people. Florian said he felt the same. The reception was positive. I hope that Florian and Tuomas can take their show on the road to more parts of Finland. I think it would be a great way to get more people interested in our community. The format would work well in other countries as well. So if you happen to see Florian or Tuomas in Finland, please say "Kiitos" because the event was awesome. If you're ever by a ruby sauna, you should certainly go.

— Adam Hawkins