Announcing High Performance Rails

Posted on July 01, 2013 - Subscribe - Home

I recently purchased Nathan Barry's Authority. The book motivated me to write my own book. I've done a lot of work on making Rails applications faster. My blog posts on advanced caching are the most read and linked to guides on the topic. I wrote the initial post in 2010. It was very well received. The post was rewritten and updated in 2012. This version was jam packed with more relevant information. If you google for "advanced caching rails", the posts are the top hits. They've been linked in countless StackOverflow questions and presentations. It's always interesting to see where the referrers come from.

I've also started performance consultations over the past year. I realized there is not a lot of good information on this topic. Developers really crave this stuff. Application speed and responsiveness play a lot into end user experience. The fact is users prefer fast applications over slow ones. There are not many good resources on this topic, so I've decided to create one. I'm officially announcing my upcoming book: High Performance Rails.

The book is not just about caching. It's about total performance strategies for your application. The book will cover all aspects from bottleneck detection, instrumentation, monitoring, profiling, caching, and many other issues. The book itself uses Rails 4. Things relevant to Rails 3.2 will be mentioned and discussed as well.

However, this is more than just a book! The complete package includes tutorials, screencasts, interviews, and other resources. I'm personally the most excited for the interviews because they should be the most interesting. I've lined up well known and experienced community members, such as David Heinemeier Hansson and developers from top consultancies from around the world, to tell you how they get it done day to day. All in all I'm planning on 15-20 interviews.

The book is launching in the fall. Drop your name and email in the signup form below to stay in the loop.

— Adam Hawkins