Straight Tmuxin' Homie & Leaving Google

Posted on June 17, 2013 - Subscribe - Home

This is a break from the usual format. I'm going to talk about my tools and various other nerd config related things. This is because I love to see other people's setups. r/battlestations is like porn to me. I don't have a cool desk. I just have some cheap thing from ikea with a cheap chair from ikea as well. Livin' the dream right? Instead I have a balling terminal.

Personally I was using MacVim + I was using TextMate for a long time so MacVim was the perfect transition to a much more powerful editor. Recently that setup has broke down. It wasn't uncommon for me to have four or five terminal windows open with accompanying MacVim windows. This becomes very awkward to manage. My common workflow was to edit files in MacVim, then command tab (once) back to, and run a command (usually tests). This worked perfectly when I had one terminal and one editor. It falls on it's face when there are multiple.

It was time to change my tools. I read Brian Hogan's book on tmux a while ago. I set it up on my computer and tried it out or a few days. I couldn't get into it. It was too awkward to switch between panes and scroll panes. I had to do a lot of scrolling to see assertion failures from tests runs as well as log scrolling. This coupled with having multiple splits in Vim just made it too hard to get going. It was time to reinvestigate Tmux after watching my setup make me unproductive and frustrated. I knew that Tmux would scale infinitely. I was also spending a lot of time setting up terminals and editors. I would command q everything at the end of the day--a digital clock out if you will. Then build it up the next day. What a gigantic waste of my time. So I diligently set out to do Tmux the right way.

I used the tmux.conf file from the book was some minor changes. I've made one small change: PREFIX \ is mapped to split vertical. I can't be bothered to remember to hit "PREFIX SHIFT |". Too many keystroke. I spent a fair amount of time making it look nice and pretty. This took the longest time. At least tmux is now pretty looking independent of whatever crap the terminal is using for colors. I've also created numerous sessions for all the different projects I work on. They have their log panes, console windows, editors, test panes, all that jazz. I'm totally loving it. tmux attach -t blog is wonderful. I can simply hit command enter and boom. My entire workspace is full screen. So without further jibber jabber. Here is some nerd porn:

Tmux + Vim

Here's the meta. All configurations available in my dotfiles.

I must say. I'm completely in love with this setup. It's so much better than using MacVim. The colors aren't perfect (we only have 256 in the terminal) but it's made me more productive after one weekend and it will scale infinitely.

Leaving Google

This is just one small change in my overall setup. I've been using Android since 2008 (wow!). I managed to lose my phone in Melbourne after a night out with @apotonik. I haven't had a smart phone since February. It's now the middle of June. Over the course of those 4 months or so, google has really started to piss me off. The hangouts thing has really pissed me off. Dropping Jabber/XMPP is entirely annoying. This annoys me on principle because Hangouts doesn't even seem that good. I have no interest in installing another god damn messaging app in my computer. They really fucked up there. Also, without Android you have no benefits of being a google user. I don't use facebook. I can't stand google plus. I only use google plus for hangouts with clients and to talk to one friend. That's it. Social networking is not useful for me. I've been waiting with bated breath to see what happens with iOS7 because I was planning to switch to an iPhone.

Android and iOS are extensions of the underlying platforms. I'm getting no benefit from google's services without android. Gmail is free but email is not so important to me. I don't use calendars and whatever shit they have. Google music is a joke, books, and all that other nonsense. I use a Mac. It will take an awful lot for me to give up my MacBook Air. It's the best god damn computer I've ever owned. When they make a retina one I will gladly pay whatever they want. I'm already using Apple's products (except iTunes because it is without a doubt the worst fucking music library management and playback software). So I decided make a drastic change in my entire digital life: I left google.

I switched Chrome for safari. I dropped Adium for Messages (since more and more people I know are using iOS and I will be soon as will). I signed up for on my own new domain as well. I dropped Gmail for and I'm very curious how this whole thing will turn out. I'm curious how much benefit I'll get out of this setup, but I think it's time for a change. I think I'll see a real benefit when I actually get an iPhone. I'm looking around for a cheap 4s. I'll buy a 5s when it comes out. I'm especially waiting for Mavericks with maps on the desktop. IDK why in the fuck that took so long. People need maps. Just give us the application. I'm planning on doing an update in a couple weeks. I'm hopeful. We'll see how it goes.

— Adam Hawkins