Date Picker in Ember

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This post is a simple tutorial of how to create a basic date picker for your Ember application. It does not use any library. It simply transforms text into a date object. I'll post another tutorial on how to integrate the jquery UI datepicker. That being said, let's get started.

It's very important to work with objects inside your application, and not with Strings or more primitive representations. I work with dates and times a lot for some reason. I usually need to compare dates, sort them, or do some other stuff. This is usually a tedious process because users can only input strings into forms. Ember is very helpful here. Ember provides computed properties. You may have only seen computed properties with one arguments. Computed properties can also take a second argument: the value. The value can be manipulated before setting another property. Then, through the magic of bindings, we can access the property in other parts of the application.

We need a computed property that works like this: given a Date, it will return the string represenation; given a string it will parse a date. You can combine this with Ember.TextField's value binding to make everything work in concert.

Here's how it works when the user types something into the text box.

  1. User types something into the box triggering a value update
  2. value is bound to the computed property. The CP is called as a setter.
  3. The CP parses the value and sets the date (if any)

Here's how it works when determing the initial value for the text box:

  1. The text field's value property is called as a getter.
  2. The CP lookups the date and returns it as a string (if any)

Here's the code for the date picker view:

Then simply use it like a normal view but with dateBinding instead of valueBinding. This is very important!

And a demo in JSBin:

Date Picker Demo

Here's everything in a gist:

Happy hacking!

— Adam Hawkins